Mission Statement

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

We build companies from the ground up and take them through their natural lifecycles, including seed funding, venture and corporate financing until acquisition or IPO.

We are collaborating with an extensive network of medical device specialists to develop medical products, pass regulatory approval and ultimately achieve a successful market launch.

Our Cornerstones to Success:

- Identify a Medical Need
- Develop New Therapeutic Concepts
- Achieve Prove of Concept
- Generate Intellectual Property
- Transform the Concept to a Company
- Fundraising and Investment of the Company
- Product Development
- Regulatory Approval
- Commercial Launch
- Value Realization



Our Pathway for Innovations

Our business approach is designed to reduce clinical and financial risk early and create value quickly. To reach our high expectations we are working together with dedicated physicians and engineers.

We cooperate with leading life sciences investors, VCs and strategic partners who focus on funding innovative and disruptive medical technologies in order to finance our portfolio companies.

Strategic Focus

We are dedicated to identifying relevant medical needs and to developing appropriate solutions. 

We focus on therapies that deliver strong value in the eyes of patients, physicians and health care providers.


We are working closely with physicians to learn what they need and if they are willing to utilize new procedures. 

The innovations must be compelling and cost effective to be adopted by all stakeholders and decision makers.

Market Analysis

We evaluate size and growth rate of the targeted market and analyze market dynamics.

We consider reimbursement policies with the goal to create high value in the medical need area.

Intellectual Property

We are skilful in engineering patents in the medical device arena to protect the innovation worldwide.

We align the patent strategy with the particular needs in the medical device industry in the light of a rigorous freedom to operate analysis.


We have extensive expertise in managing our own companies and mentoring entrepreneurs in the life-science industry.

Our network enables us to attract and recruit international specialists and executives.


Our business model is based on solid relationships with our extensive network of investors and venture capital firms.

Our experience helps us to secure seed investment and prepare for subsequent venture capital financing.

Business Development

We combine vast know-how in planning and developing new businesses due to decades of hands-on experiences.

We have a global view when prioritizing where to base the headquarters and the production of a portfolio technology.

Product Development

We work effectively in a lean project management structure that allows for fast and cost-effective product development.

Mass production will be carried out in a highly professional environment to serve a global market.

Regulatory Pathway

We are well equipped in planning the regulatory strategy and performing pre-clinical and clinical studies, supported by selected clinical research organisations.

We strive for early market approval by accredited notified bodies and federal agencies.

Merger & Acquisition

We aim at an acquisition with an optimal valuation or establishing IPO alternatively.

Our final goal is to realize a multiple return of investment capital for each developed company.

Portfolio Companies

Matching the medical need

Semiflow is a permanent Pulmonary Assist Device for destination therapy of Chronic Respiratory Failure.



Our Management Team

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